I worked on this personal project to explore and try new workflows and techniques and bring my own approach to what Sony did in «Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse». As many others, I felt in love with that movie. My friend Joaquin Alme modeled a cute low-poly Delorean some time ago and I just thought it would be fun to do some stuff mixing those two concepts and trying to keep the look and feel of Spider-Verse as a main reference.
Everything has been done using Maya, UV Layout, Arnold, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Nuke.
(Please, click on the images to see them at full size)

My main references from the movie, downloaded from animation screencaps and property of Sony Animation
First of all, I just unwrapped the Uv’s and textured the car quickly. I usually only use Substance Painter for masking and baking in my worklfow, but in this case I didn’t want to spend much time on that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the software but in this project the focus will be shading and comp, substance is great, quick and easy.
Next, I just placed some blocks inside Maya as the basic city structure. My idea was to paint and project the whole city through the camera and don’t waste time on modeling to push up my painting skills.
Then, I lightened the scene in Arnold using around 15-20 lights. After rendering the car, the ground and the city separately, I saved the exr files with all the AOVs.


In addition, a sample for the diffuse textured I painted for the ground 

Finally, I build a shader for the dots and lines comic patterns, using ramps, ai Range and UVTransforms to place the patterns through the camera and being affected by the lights in a different way
At the end, I composed all the AOV layers from the car, road and the city projection in nuke. Thanks for reading if you have been throughout the whole process! :)

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