Hi There! : )
If you are here is because you would like to know more about me, so here we go with a quick sum up: I'm a really passionate surfacing artist lucky enough to keep enjoying what I do after more than 10 years in the animation industry. I started working on TV shows for my local TV in Barcelona and ended leading teams at studios like Skydance Animation or Axis. During all these years I had the pleasure to work on worldwide awarded movies like Klaus or groundbreaking TV shows like Love Death and Robots. Currently, I'm a Senior Look Dev Artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios in Vancouver.
I'm specialized in translating all kinds of sharp, graphic and stylized texture languages into the 3D world. I like talking and teaching about all this stuff as well, so that is why I'm an online mentor for CG academies from time to time.
Besides that I also enjoy the real life : )
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